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We create finely tuned marketing campaigns and responsive websites that reach your target audience while adapting to render optimally across all platforms and devices.

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Who We Are

About Us

Wall Media Designs is a San Antonio based design firm that specializes in Emarketing and Responsive website design. We pride ourselves in custom solutions that are tailored to fit our customers needs, but approached from different vantage points to give fresh perspectives.

What We Do

Cutting Edge Email Marketing

Email marketing customizes your customer experience, builds relationships with current and future customers throughout the buying cycle and delivers after-sales product support and customer care.

We can develop and execute a winning email marketing strategy with campaigns that get your message out to your customers and deliver leads more effectively. Our expertise covers a range of emarketing platforms, including Eloqua, ExactTarget, Silverpop and Zift.

What We Also Do

Award Winning Web Design

With the number of different devices websites are being viewed on now, developing a site that "responds" and adjusts itself to fit that device is more and more important. We specialize in designing captivating "smart" / responsive user interfaces and memorable brand identities.

Case Study

HOLT CAT, Then and Now


Services Provided
Complete web design, content development and management, web maintenance and hosting support; search engine optimization; email design, content and metrics.

HOLT CAT commissioned an e-business study in 2008 to provide recommendations and strategies to grow HOLT’s e-business and online presence. Our expertise helped formulate an overall plan.

Web Design
Created a website that is integrated with the overall business marketing program. Redesigned and rewrote entire website; added global navigation and search functions, video, live chat, and a high profile store for parts.

Content Development
With a new content management system, content is kept up to date, fresh, and easy to maintain. HOLT content is written to better reflect all of HOLT’s capabilities. It also works to steer customers toward a conversion point.

Hosting Support
Maintenance and Support: set up web infrastructure, manage servers, moved to cloud-based hosting environment, set up and manage web infrastructure.

Email Design
Implemented and manage HOLT’s email marketing program on ExactTarget and Zift123 platforms. Email designs are fully responsive on all devices—desktop, tablet and phone, successfully generating leads and sales. Email messages are also customized to the customer, sales rep, product, and/or division.

Today HOLT CAT's online presence is thriving. Traffic to their website is more than double what is was several years ago and their outbound eMarketing presence has never been stronger.

Those We Work With

Our Clients

Some Others We've Worked With

  • Boygenius
  • Digital Piano Store
  • Mydiscountbroker
  • Southwest Securities
  • Intel
  • MIT
  • Yahoo
  • Concord Insurance Services
  • Driver's Choice
  • Complete Insurance Services
  • Lane Bryant
  • Goody's Family Clothing
  • LawyerUp
  • Trost Report
  • Loan Market
  • SCA Promotions
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • American Institute of Physics
  • Nature Publishing
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Research
  • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service
  • Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Thinkspark
  • Lane-Bryant
  • Sino-Swearingen
  • Intellisolve
  • Sane Solutions
  • Hawk Electronics
  • Pocket Communications
  • LawyerUp
  • MauneRaichle
  • French & Mudd
  • Xenical
  • Fashion Bug
  • Razorfish
  • i-frontier
  • Superior Access
  • Affirmative insurance
  • Roche Pharmaceuticals
  • Boniva
  • Pegasys

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